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Why use Voice Broadcasting Pros? 

What sets our voice broadcasting company apart
from the other services?

There are some good companies besides us.  However, there are many that are not out for your best interest.  This is common in the voicebroadcasting arena, unfortunately.

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#1 Reason why we are better

Pricing   ... It's so simple, it's easy to overlook.  You have to understand voice broadcasting first to appreciate how we price our services.

  1. Many companies charge by each connection (called Per Connect).  In other words, it doesn't matter if a fax machine answers the phone or the prospect hangs up in the first 2 seconds, you pay the entire connect fee!  Also, it doesn't matter the length of your message.  If it's a 15 second message you pay per connect!  So the next customer who has a 60 second message pays the same as you do!  (Keep in mind ... most of the time, messages that are less than 30 seconds are most effective.) 
  2. We charge by the minute --- Huge difference.
    We charge in 6 second increments.  And our minimum is 6 seconds.  That means that if someone hangs up, you only pay for 1/10 of a minute!  This is a big savings to your marketing budget.  Not to mention, ethical.
  3. So if someone hangs up in the first 7 seconds, you only pay 2/10 of a minute.  Most companies will charge you for the entire minute or 30 second increments.  The price difference ends up being substantial.
  4. We also charge by live transfer, if you choose. Our rates are almost always lower than the competition. You'll find that, in most cases, you are overpaying!  
  5. Perhaps the most critical element of pricing is Customer Service ...  please visit here to see why we're the most cost efficient service for your company.

What else makes us better?

  1. We give you an online reporting login to check your campaign.  You'll know exactly what's going on ... how many delivered, how many answered, etc...
  2. You can have a recording of every live transfer you have so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your reps ... price is included!
  3. We're experienced!  This is invaluable to you.  You need to have a company that knows the industry and keeps up with the trends and changes!  We comply with all State and Federal laws regarding telemarketing and voice broadcasting. 
  4. We use fiber optic, not VOIP.  Fiber optic is the proven and highest quality call you can make.  No more static or dropped calls that you still pay for with many other companies.
  5. Our network can handle well over 15 mill calls per day, while focusing on customer service as the heart of our focus. 
  6. Our Customer Support staff is available to provide your team with uninterrupted support.  We offer online support via chat, telephone, email consultation, remote computer access ... we are 'customer centric'.

This is a great industry and we know that there's room for our solid competitors.  With all of the spam advertising and unethical marketing companies we support our voicebroadcasting competitors that are running a solid business.

With that said, we welcome you to try at least one or two campaigns to experience the superiority of voice broadcasting to accomplish your marketing needs!   You will notice the difference with us!

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" Our campaign pulled $7 per press 1, but after your rework of our campaign, it dropped to $3 per transfer!"

- Terry, Call Center -


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