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VoiceBroadcasting Warnings

What should you be looking out for when searching for a voicebroadcasting company?


voicebroadcasting  Are they using VOIP (voice over internet protocol)? If so, you're possibly losing money in hidden ways. Fiber Optic dialing is what you want --- no dropped calls, no static. Quality calls are crucial to your campaign.

voicebroadcasting  Are they very clear about their charges?  Any hidden charges they're not notifying you about?  If they say 6 sec increment billing ... is that AFTER the 1st minute?  If not, you're losing money - plain and simple.  Be sure it's 6/6 increment billing.  (Ask us for more details on this)

If per dial or per transfer ... are you sure you're paying a fair price?  We know clients always want the best price now ... that's why we don't play around with pricing - we start off with legitimately competitive pricing.

voicebroadcasting  Do you have control of your campaign via an online interface? If they don't give you control of your campaign, don't waste your money.

voicebroadcasting  Do they dial into all the calling tiers? Ask them this question ... if they don't, then you're hitting the same locations that everyone else is. Of course they're able to low ball their pricing since they don't hit all the calling areas.

If you are a current voicebroadcasting user and you have some tips that are not on this list, please send us those by visiting our contact us page. This industry is fraught with schemers and short term companies.

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" Our campaign pulled $7 per press 1, but after your rework of our campaign, it dropped to $3 per transfer!"

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