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Top 10 Reasons To Team Up With Us In Our Lucrative Referral Program

VoiceBroadcastingPros.com is always looking to expand our referral and/or reseller program.  It's very simple and very lucrative. 

If you're a current reseller of IVR/Voice Broadcasting services, give us a call.  With over 100 DS3's we can handle your volume.

This will be the most solid experience you've ever had by working with our team. 

  1. This is not a business opportunity or mlm program.  There's no recruiting and there is no investment.  We're not looking for you to spend any money ... at all.  
  2. We're Pros, so you don't have to be.  
  3. We're not expecting a full time commitment. Not at all. You can replace your current income, most likely, by being a referral partner part-time. 
  4. We will provide a plan of action according to your experience, connections, background and goals.  
  5. Your success IS our success. 
  6. You'll be wired each Friday without fail for business acquired via your referrals. 
  7. All you do is refer the business ... that's it. 
    The ...
    follow up,
    payment arrangements,
    campaign deployment,
    customer service,
    and client maintenance is all handled by us!
  8. You have the confidence of a highly customer centric company handling your referrals ... top notch professionalism which 
    makes you look good. 
  9. Your referrals will always be your referrals ... once you refer them, that's it ... they'll always be your referral.  As long as they continue to run campaigns, you'll get a wire to your bank account. 
  10. You will notice the serious concern for ethical business practiced by our company.  Your referrals will want to continue to do business with us.

The chart below shows the kind of commissions our reseller program can yield for you and/or your company.  Keep in mind that any combination of clients can easily yield over 100k p/yr in commissions.*    

Minutes p/day *Commission p/day # of Clients for 100k p/yr
25k $42 10 clients
50k $80 5 clients
100k $144 3 clients
300k $384

1 client approx = $7600 p/mo

*Commission depends on the price per/min as well as commission rate.  However, this illustration is utilizing very realistic #'s.  These are purely examples of possible commissions.  It is no projection of what you may earn.  Results are completely based on your personal efforts.

We are looking for existing reseller of IVR services, media companies and motivated people

Individuals with sales backgrounds can excel very quickly doing this part time.  Also former or current TSR's (Telemarketing Sales Reps) ... Why?  ... you know the call center world, plus you may have contacts with call center managers, which could lead to immediate large commissions.

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" Our campaign pulled $7 per press 1, but after your rework of our campaign, it dropped to $3 per transfer!"

- Terry, Call Center -


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