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How does a voice blast work?

Our process is very simple. 

Here's a general, voice blast, outline for getting your campaign started:

First we'll ask you what you want your campaign to accomplish? 

  • A call back? 
  • A live transfer = Press 1 campaign? 
  • Just leave an announcement? 
  • Direct to a website? 
  • Notify of an email that's on it's way?

You'll find that your company can use voice broadcasting to accomplish many different objectives! 

Here's the general process of getting your campaign up and running:

  1. You'll be working with our excellent customer support staff.
  2. You tell us how many prospects you want to reach
  3. Objective of message.auto dialing 
  4. Create a voice script, if you don't have one already. *
  5. Dial into our phone system to create the actual voice message.  If you don't have the voice talent, we do.  We have male and femail voice talent you can utilize for an extremely competative rate.
  6. You choose day and time you want the message to go out. 
    For example: we can deliver your messages at your chosen hour of the week.  So if you know your prospects are usually home in the evening, we'll program your campaign for these hours.
    If you're running a live transfer/Press 1 campaign, that means you can have the prospects choose to speak with you and your associates immediately, even while they're listening to your voice message!
  7. Decide if you want to use your own lists or purchase a list to use via our sources.
  8. We run a DNC (Do Not Call scrub) on the list to comply with all laws.
  9. Lastly, we turn on the switch and start your campaign! 

That's it!  You're campaign is live and running.  It's as simple as that!

We are happy to speak with you and assist you with getting your campaign started or answer any questions you may have.

Contact us today for your broadcasting phone services!


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* Additional scripting fees may apply.


" Our campaign pulled $7 per press 1, but after your rework of our campaign, it dropped to $3 per transfer!"

- Terry, Call Center -


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