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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Voice Message Broadcasting work?
A.   Voice broadcasting leaves either personal messages on answering machines and voice mail systems OR it will prompt the receiver to press one to be connected to a live rep at your company.  It calls targeted databases and when it detects answering machines the system automatically leaves a prerecorded marketing message in your own voice.

Q.  I saw really cheap pricing with another company that uses VOIP ... why not go with their service?
A.  We do not use VOIP... for a reason.  While VOIP is becoming popular to use (subscribe to our Newsletter Alert to learn more) ... we have made the decision to use fiber-optic, the highest quality available.  However, we've kept our prices to be equal to or better than most VOIP voice broadcasting firms. 

Q.  What you need to be careful of are VOIP voice broadcasting services?
A.  Yes VOIP has come a long way, however if you've ever received a phone call from someone on Skype, Vonage or some other voip service, you'll clearly know the quality of that call.

You can gamble with the quality of your message for saving a very small fraction or you can go with a fiber optic voice broadcasting company.

Q.  There are cheaper services out there.  What do you say about that?
A.  Are they really 'cheaper'?  Click here

Q. Do I need additional hardware or software?
A.  No, It is completely Web-based and therefore doesn't require any further resources. You can even manage a campaign while being out of the office. Simply log on via the Internet and you can set up your campaign parameters remotely -- and get instant real-time statistics.

Q. I already have CRM software. Why should I consider using VoiceBroadcastingPros.com?
A.  CRM solutions build a framework for underlying applications and need to be fed with leads and customer information from other internal and external resources. Data collection therefore is still a manual task in most companies that have implemented a CRM solution. Voice Broadcasting Pros automates this process at the lowest cost and greatest convenience. Your marketing team will then be free for marketing tasks.

Q. Can I use my own data and, if so, how do I import databases into Voice Broadcasting Pros?
A.  We encourage you to use your own data and by doing so, initiate a continuous cleanup process and ongoing addition of new data. Our system also has a built-in Client Utility, which helps import and filter/suppress database files from common spreadsheet and database formats, compatible with all ODBC formats.

Q. How soon can I begin marketing?
A.  Call one of our knowledgeable sales representatives at 1-480-659-7844 and you can be set up and ready to go within only a few days.


Please don't hesitate to contact us right away.  We're friendly and we focus on a consultative approach with our clients.

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