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AutoDialers Can Be A Marketing Mistake For The Average Company

Autodialers, at one time, had a strong market share in the voice marketing industry.  Many software vendors had a solution that they offered to take advantage of the boom in this marketing medium.

Overtime, voice broadcasting systems run by professionals took over the industry.


I suppose it goes back to the old addage: 

You do what you're best at and
we'll do what we're best at.

The time, expense, training and maintenence involved to run an autodialer system yourself is almost never worth it. 

Let the pros handle your voice marketing campaigns.  Believe us when we say, you'll increase your bottom line when you are not having to manage all aspects of running an effective voice marketing campaign.

  • Data management
  • Schedualing
  • Maintaining servers
  • Adding bandwidth
  • Server negotiations
  • Campaign management
  • Execution of all aspects of campaigns
  • Do Not Call scrubbing
  • Routing technology
  • and the list goes on and on

Invest your time into your company - we'll increase the lead generation.

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" Our campaign pulled $7 per press 1, but after your rework of our campaign, it dropped to $3 per transfer!"

- Terry, Call Center -


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